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I am based in Croydon, Surrey and generally work in my surrounding area of London and the

If you would like any further information concerning the services I can provide, have any questions, need some advice or would like to arrange a free site visit, please do not hesitate to contact me.

If you have an existing cornice that you would like reproducing, have some repair work or you're just thinking about having some cornice but not sure what it might cost, then I'll need a little information from you. The more accurate and complete your information the closer I can give you an idea of cost:-

A: Tell me what you would like to know
B: Send me a picture if you have a cornice you want to replicate or repair.
C: Tell me the size of the room or repair? Measure all the walls with a tape measure and add the figures together to be able to get the linear meterage.
D: How many corners or mitres are in the room.
E: How high is the ceiling? Apart from working height this will also help determine suitable cornice size.
F: What finish is on the walls and ceiling? If its new untouched plaster that's ideal, don't paint! If there is any sort of finish on the fitting surfaces, be that a weak mist coat, old or new paint, if itís been lined or has wall paper, then I will need to do some preparation work before I can fit cornice.

Contact me, Simon The Cornice Man, directly on  my mobile: 0776 100 6002
by email: thecorniceman@hotmail.com

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